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How can I sample your music?

You can purchase a license which will clear you for non-major label use and for use under 1,000,000 streams, full license details can be read here.

For any other inquiries about this, contact me here:

Can I sample your music for a beatstars/airbit etc collab?

Depending on the situation, if you'd prefer to do splits instead of purchasing a license get in touch with a link to your music so I can check it out. Generally I split everything 50/50 with producers provided they do not do any 'free for profit' promos, do not give away credits upon sale, and they put (co prod. timmy holiday) in the title/description, and add my tag to the beat. Otherwise you can purchase a license to use them in your beatstars beats.

There is a link to my beatstars here

And you can download my tag here

How can I find the sample I'm looking for on your site?

You can use the search bar in the top left corner, just type in the name of the sample you're looking for and it will bring you to the pack that it is a part of.

I can't find the sample, even with the search bar

Please get in touch:

I want to use 4 different samples from 4 different packs, can I mix and match and get a custom pack?

Not at the moment, I've only put these tracks up on packs to make it easier for a larger amount of people to purchase licenses directly from my site rather than negotiating individually with everyone. If you need to talk more about this let me know:

Can you create custom exclusive samples for me?

Sure can, if it makes business sense to do so, get in touch with your price range here:

Do you also make artwork for people?

Sure, if you would like me to design artwork for you get in touch with your price range here:

What is the bpm of ____?

This information is included in the track name when purchased on a pack.

What DAW/plugins/vsts do you use?

I use ableton mostly and alot of stock plugins. For digital instruments, I really only use samplers that can play one shots I've recorded and designed myself. And for FX I really like Valhalla plugins, and Soundtoys stuff. I recommend to just use whatever you have.

What gear do you use?

Mainly I use a Crane & Sons upright piano, a strange old electric guitar, a Fostex 280 tape machine, a crumar roady, toy acoustic guitars, korg minilogue, Tom 1505, casio rapman and a bunch of different old synths. It really varies from track to track.

Are your samples free to use for non profit?

No, I work very hard at this and purchasing packs means I get to continue making music. If you would like to get in touch with me about this: timmyholidaymusic@gmail