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Casio Rapman // Sample Pack by Timmy Holiday

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The Casio Rapman // Sample Pack is a collection of 17 original samples, written, performed, and recorded by me, Timmy Holiday. 

This pack was a creative exercise in sound design where I wanted to make the best music possible using a Casio Rapman keyboard as the source for all sounds contained on the pack. The Casio Rapman is a strange little keyboard made in the early 90s.

I created this by resampling the stock sounds on the keyboard, running them through different effects and equipment, and then used these new sounds as the sonic palette for the compositions.

The pack, which is just shy of half an hour long, ranges from dark gritty basslines and glitched out grainy textures, to bright dreamy synth lines with swirling lofi arpeggios, with multiple switch ups throughout the tracks. And for the first time I have also decided to include the 140 .wav file oneshots I used in the creation of this pack and many other samples for those who are looking for new strange and sounds.

Stems are also available for purchase.




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For MAJOR PLACEMENTS/ARTISTS using the sample(s), you will split the publishing, royalties, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Timmy Holiday fairly & production (or co-production) must be credited to Timmy Holiday (contact: if this is the case to handle negotiations).