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Elixir Vol. 01 // Sample Pack by Timmy Holiday

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Chroí Music Library - Elixir Vol. 01 // Sample Pack by Timmy Holiday

This music library features 18 original compositions composed, performed, and recorded by me - Timmy Holiday.

This sample pack is the result of studying hours of instrumental soul music from Asia and Eastern Europe, distilled and filtered through my own musical sensibilities to become it's own lo-fi chill bizarro vibe.

The aim of this sample pack was to create something that felt like healing soul music. The more soul music I listened to from other countries, the more I started wondering - what would soul music sound like in imaginary worlds or alternate realities to our own? This pack captures my efforts in exploring this concept..

All tracks are BPM labeled and the option to purchase stems is also available for those who want to dig deep.

*~master clearance guaranteed~*


For LABEL PLACEMENTS/ARTISTS using the sample(s), you will split publishing, royalties, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Timmy Holiday fairly & production (or co-production) must be credited to Timmy Holiday (contact: if this is the case to handle negotiations). 




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