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Mizu ii // Guitar & Vocal Sample Pack by Timmy Holiday

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The Mizu Guitar & Vocal Sample Pack is a collection of 14 original samples, written, performed, and recorded by me, Timmy Holiday. 

The sequel to the Mizu pack, this collection features more swirling melodies, tape warped vocals, lush harmonies, watery harplike arpeggios and chill jazz & RNB chord voicings. 

I created this using various different acoustic guitars I have collected over the years, featuring a British made 'James' guitar, a kiso suzuki vintage Japanese acoustic from the 1970s, an antique Meinel & Herold German built parlour guitar, and a strange toy acoustic instrument I picked up at a charity shop.  

Like it's predecessor, this pack was mixed by myself using hybrid digital-to-analog techniques, utilizing mostly fostex tape machines and cooper fx guitar pedals. Stems are also available for purchase.

I really hope you enjoy the sounds found on this sample pack, these guitar pieces are what I enjoy making most.



Also part of a Bundle deal. 



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